The Flying Fish (2019)

The Flying Fish by Murat Sayginer

“The journey of a flying fish marks the beginning of the transition to a new era.” – IMDb

The Flying Fish is a short film made up with 10 previous short films created by an independent filmmaker from Turkey.

As I have no previous knowledge of Sayginer’s work, I jumped into the unknown and viewed this new type of animation.

I found myself immersed into a new world. The colors and visuals Sayginer used were grasping my attention span as I watched on edge to see what new twist would pop up. Even though I didn’t quite understand what exactly was going on, I found myself asking questions and wondering what is happening next. By having the audience ask “why” is good because you are controlling a narrative in which the audience doesn’t understand yet but are still fascinated in wanting to know more. I would like to see how Sayginer will take the audience in his future works.

However, The Flying Fish was an experience of growing through time and seeing different things through textures, vibrant colors, abstract art, and occasional darkness.  All along with having ominous/futuristic music guiding the adventure. Even though this is not a film I would seek out to watch, I am glad I got to go on this new journey and get out of my comfort zone to see something completely new. I felt like I was on a psychedelic trip through the unknown but it slowly lead back to a this new era Sayginer portrayed.

As this is a short film, I will not rate it like the other films I review. However, if you would like to see something different and unique look for Murat Sayginer’s films, especially The Flying Fish.

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