Toy Story 4 (Released: June 20, 2019)

Toy Story 4 – Rate 4/10

Toy Story 4 synopsis from IMDB says, “When a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.”

The trailer for Toy Story 4 was shockingly impressive to me and I actually found it intriguing. It seemed like Disney was presenting a fun adventure story and introducing this homemade spork named Forky. As if the whole gang was going to have an exciting journey, however, turned out to be just a personal revelation for our main guy Woody.

I was actually excited to see Toy Story 4. The beginning of the film went by smoothly introducing the characters again and seeing where Bonnie is in life. We get to meet Forky and how his character interacts with everyone. But it became apparent that the main focus was about Woody. I was sadden that the other characters never had a chance to speak. They had very little lines beside maybe Buzz.

The story of Toy Story 4 did not meet my expectations as it didn’t reflect what I thought I saw from the trailer. As it was cute, the movie was just too emotional and even adult like. I don’t know if kids understand the true meaning of the film but it was very deep. I felt Toy Story 4 was unnecessary. Toy Story 3 ended a whole saga from growing up with Andy and learning to finally let go and understanding that life moves on. All surrounding Andy and the journey the toys and him had. But this film focused only on Woody and Bo Peep respectively. It felt like another money grab by Disney and honestly that is just sad. I left the theater unsatisfied and annoyed. Toy Story 4 had a lot of potential.

However, one of the main things I did find mind blowing was the animation. Everything was extremely detailed and life like that you honestly couldn’t stop staring and trying to figure out if it’s fake. The rain/water, the material/fabric on the toys, and the humans smooth interactions, etc…. all were very top notch work! I couldn’t get enough! I also enjoyed seeing how flawlessly the animators created very entrancing moods throughout different scenes through different lightings, settings and brilliant colors.

Overall, I rate Toy Story 4 a four out of ten. Even though I understood the main plot of the film, that life changes and there is a big world out there. I just don’t understand how a children’s movie needed to be that deep and focused in on that… especially dealing with TOYS.

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