Booksmart (Released: May 24, 2019)

Booksmart – Rate 4.5/10

Booksmart is a film about academic overachievers Amy and Molly who have made it their main goal to work hard in school and get into their dream colleges. However, as they prepared for the future, these best friends realized they have missed out on experiences where they could have been living life to the fullest. However, they missed out on all the special moments of their teen years. So, on their last night before graduation, they are determined to cram in 4 years’ worth of fun into one night. Through a chaotic adventure, they experience everything possible!

As I went into the theater with my best friend, I was excited to see what comical teen movie this would be. We watched the trailer again in the car before we entered the movie to remind us what we were getting ourselves into. My friend and I were ready to see if the film would be even more humorous than the trailer.

Right off, the movie had me hooked. From the best friends dancing awkwardly together with no cares in the world up to being in the school with their peers, it was definitely one of those teen movies. I enjoyed the sets especially where Molly lives. It was very retro which matched the girls style as well. Even though the film was set to current times, I applaud them for not over doing the crisp and perfect look. It still felt normal in modern times. Throughout the entire film, I enjoyed the realness of the friendship between the girls. This was the main drive of what would make the story build up.

My friend told me she really enjoyed the realization Molly had when she realized that as her and Amy were working their butts off to get high grades and to be involved in extra curricular activities, that everyone else in the school did that too but also lived their lives. The shock of this news was of course the turning point that helps move the story to what the film is about. But it was one of the most comical scenes.

Even though the main characters were great for their roles, there were some other cast members who just did not draw me in. One of which is Amy’s crush, Ryan, she was truly annoying and her character development was unnecessary and plain dumb. She just turned off any emotion I had for her the moment words came out of her mouth. Along with Molly’s later crush, who seemed out of place as well. The casting could have been better to say the least. The only secondary character both my friend and I truly enjoyed was Gigi. Gigi was the comic relief who was absolutely hilarious and brought a nice laughter for the audience when she came on screen.

One of the most critical scenes that I found helped wrap up the entire movie was the confrontation between the best friends. There we finally see what the point of the movie was about. Before that scene, the movie was beginning to drag and stretch out idiotic events that just made me confused on what the story was even about. But as this climax moment occurred, it then speed up the film to finally wrap up the story.

Overall the humor and storyline was enjoyable, however, I rate Booksmart 4.5 out of 10. I would like to say this would be a great Redbox movie if you had an hour to waste with a friend because it really is comical.

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3 thoughts on “Booksmart (Released: May 24, 2019)

  1. Agree. I found this movie to be overrated. It’s okay, but far from great. Enjoyed reading your review.


    1. Thank you! It really was overrated. It had a good concept but didn’t make the cut.

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