Shazam (Released: April 5, 2019)

Shazam – Rate 7/10

ShaZAM! DC’s new superhero movie introduced the story of Billy Batson, who is a 14 year old foster kid. Billy magically came across a special opportunity allowing him to shout one word to then transform into an adult superhero named Shazam.

When I came across the trailer for this film, it had me mesmerized by the concept of a kid transforming into an adult with multiple powers and what kind of comedy that it would entail. It seemed like a very different kind of superhero movie which made me excited to see it!

The film began with the unfolding of who Shazam is. Eventually you meet Billy Batson where his story/background soon leads you to a foster family who has 5 other foster children living in a rather unique home.

As the story continued to develop, I came to really enjoy the dynamic friendship between the young teen boys and how they discovered what Shazam can really do. I loved the comedy that reflected the realistic actions of what a kid would do if they got a hold of superpowers. I mean how cool would that be to be a superhero!

They did a good job keeping a kid like approach through the entire movie, however, there were certain times during it where I thought this seems a bit much or dragged on too long. There was even one or two characters who I felt didn’t get enough lines or face time during the movie and I wished they would have. I also wish there was more flesh to the story and some characters because that would have helped gain more emotional ties with the development to the climax. Instead it dragged you along and was semi boring at times.

There were also special effects with the villains which I felt looked too fake and didn’t make me feel any differently towards them. It seemed a bit cheesy to be honest. Besides those few things, the overall movie was pretty decent! There was a wonderful cast, great upbeat pop music, and a good grittiness that is sometimes missed out in films. I think it is a good win for DC films. I especially loved the ending, I wasn’t really expecting it but I loved seeing what happened.

Overall, I rank Shazam 7 out of 10 and I do think everyone should see it! 🙂

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