Pet Sematary (Released: April 5, 2019)

Pet Sematary – Rate 4/10

Remakes… “they don’t come back the same.”

SO OKAY… Pet Sematary… it is based off of the Stephen King novel which we all know how terrifying that is.  If you didn’t know, there is already a film about this novel which was made in 1989, and a second one called Pet Sematary II made in 1992.

Quick summary of the film: A doctor named Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, moved from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. They soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. *Insert creepy music*

I watched the original movie with a friend about a year ago and it was super creepy and cheesy but I loved it! So of course, I was excited to see how this remake was going to turn out with better effects and a new cast. However, as seen in the trailer for Pet Sematary, they replaced the two year old boy who originally dies by killing the 9 year old sister instead.  It was said that having the child older would be scarier because she would understand/question what was going on instead of a small child who would not understand. Also a young child actor would have had a difficult time working during these horrific scenes.

Besides this change, I was still interested in seeing the movie even though scary movies aren’t my thing. I felt I had to see it through!

As the movie began, it reflected the original up to the twist when the young girl, Ellie died. After that, there was a spiral of many thriller, chilling, frightful moments pushing you through towards the climax of the film.  The last 10 minutes where everything was happening at once was where the audience realizes where the story is going which made me very annoyed. The ending just was not satisfying as the original. It felt like the purpose of the movie just stopped dead at the end with no real follow through. Not only did the end disappoint but there were still questions I had about why this cemetery exists, what makes things come back to life, why did Rachael’s sister have anything to do with this movie? I understand reading the novel would answer these questions but the movie should have at least cleared it up a bit.

Overall, I did enjoy being scared and getting to see the new realistic effects portrayed but there were too many unnecessary and unanswered points throughout the film. I just felt that they could have done better by thickening up the plot but unfortunately they didn’t.  Anyways, Pet Sematary was fun but I would just wait till Redbox so you could watch in the comfort of your own home.

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