Captain Marvel (Released March 8, 2019)

Captain Marvel – Rate 6/10

Oh captain our captain… 

Captain Marvel staring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, is an overall great addition to the Marvel Universe especially with Thanos on the loose. 

Before seeing the movie, I was excited to see what Captain Marvel would be bringing to the Marvel Universe. A female lead, whom from the trailer seemed like she was going to kick butt, looked epic. However, the two hour film didn’t do it justice for me. 

The movie had a wonderful exterior with a strong female lead and a great cast but it was hollow. The story was weak, along with visual pleasing effects, and it felt very predictable. The emptiness of emotion from the story was carried through by the actors but it wasn’t enough. The audience needed more background instead of flashes from the past. We needed more writing, more words, more for us to truly understand. I felt that we only scratched the surface and got a little glance into Captain Marvel’s life. The story was half of what it could have been. It had so much potential but it was only carried so far by it’s limited storyline and acting. I understand that it has made great lengths to exploit the fact that this is the first true Marvel film that is led by a female. And as a female, it was nice to see a wonderful role model for future generations and to have someone to relate to.  However, I just feel like we should have been given more from the beginning because I wish I liked her as much as I did towards the last 10 minutes. The very ending had the drive of what the movie should have had from the very beginning. That energy should have been in the first 5 minutes not the end. 

I also wished it showed more or hinted at the period she was living in. 1990s is a fun decade and the music along with costumes and sets could have had more texture than just a few pieces that were exposed. 

The overall film itself was well done for what they provided. I did enjoy the random comic relief moments making the scenes more realistic. It wasn’t as awkward as some of the other Marvel films forcing it’s comedy upon you. The female drive throughout the movie was a good change of pace from the normal all male egos from all the other Avengers from Marvel. I am very stoked to see how Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel will join the force against Thanos and to see what she has been up to. 

I rated this movie a 6 out of 10. I expected more but I did have an enjoyable time seeing this film. Hopefully, we will learn more and see Captain Marvel very soon! 

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