Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Released: June 22, 2018)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Rate 4.5/10

From the previews and trailers released, this film seemed to show a lot of potential. It brought a lot of action-packed and thrilling moments making me think this film might be different than the knock off version of Jurassic World of Jurassic Park and could be worth seeing. However, I was mistaken.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom picks up only a couple years or months after the events of the first movie. The dinosaurs are still roaming the park, but there is a natural disaster occurring which sparks the premise of the film.

The moment the movie began, it became a whirlwind of a “go-go” or rush of events. The film was scatter brained, and it was difficult to understand or even get your bearings on what you should be paying the most attention to. I found myself not only trying to figure what the true purpose of the film was, but also not having any emotional attachment toward any of the characters because there was simply not time to do so.

Overall, the movie was just confusing. There were times where the situation was supposed to be sad or dramatic, but they didn’t set up the scene in a natural flowing way; instead you were thrown into it, and I even found myself laughing rather than being captured in the moment. The movie also tried to throw in side stories dealing with some degree of science. This was uncalled for as they didn’t explain or hint at why it was necessary.

To wrap things up, this film was scattered and detached. There were still intriguing graphics and effects that helped carry the story and gave the audience a sense of thrill or horror. The dinosaurs themselves were still a treat to see and to have the close ups on the animatronics gave an amazing view of the texture and grittiness of what a dinosaur could be like up close.  Overall, I give this film a 4.5/10. Even though this franchise is trying to give us dinosaurs, I feel like they should at least give us a compelling story to go with it.

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