Solo: A Star Wars Story (Released: May 24, 2018)

Solo 8 /10

I had no expectations for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I was completely blown out of the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. *Star Wars joke*

Ron Howard directed this little film and he did a fantastic job. Some of the main characters had huge shoes to fill from previous actors in the Star Wars universe, but they stepped up to the challenge.

The story is about Han Solo’s past and his journey as a young man. With many familiar faces and names and some interesting conflicting new ones, you are taken on this twisting intense ride through the Star Wars world.

I fell in love immediately. I always fall for films that have a feeling of grittiness from their sets and scenes. Having this quality gives a sense of connection to the real world, the reality. People having dirty clothes and faces, trash thrown in the alleyways with smoke and puddles, many background people doing shady stuff trying to be unnoticed, and having a lot of small details in every nook and cranny. All of this gives a real personal touch for the audience to get warped into the story and to understand or sympathize with the characters.

Even though the film was pretty lengthy, I felt that I was still glued to the screen waiting for what is to come. Ron Howard’s pace and flow throughout the film helped gain character development which is so important for a film. This helps the audience have feelings toward the characters and makes them want to know more. It helps draw people in.

As I previously stated about my love for the grittiness of the film, I also loved the different alien creatures introduced in Solo. I felt they have been missing from the recent Star Wars films and bringing them back reminds me of the older Star Wars movies.

Towards the end of the film it became clear where in the Star Wars timeline this story was being placed and it was really great to see how it all tied in! Overall, I give this movie 8/10 and encourage those who haven’t seen it to go out and see it! Even if you haven’t seen a Star Wars film before, you can still enjoy it!

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