Avengers: Infinity War (Released: April 27, 2018)

Avengers: Infinity War – Rate 7.5/10

I was not ready for what the Marvel universe had in store.

I knew something big was going to happen during this movie because I saw a lot of buzz about it going in but no spoilers. I also knew all the Avengers and Marvel characters were going to interact and come together (which is super exciting)! I thought it would be chaotic with all the characters intermingling with one another, but I was completely wrong!

I found this film extremely pleasing. I enjoyed all the different characters coming together like it was a family reunion. However, if you’re someone who hasn’t seen all of the Marvel films such as Thor: Ragnarok, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, or even Spiderman, you may be a little lost with the love/hate relationships that exist between certain characters.

I feel like the filmmakers took a much more somber approach to creatingInfinity War. My idea of a typical Marvel movie involves a lot of aggression with chaotic fighting and many unnecessary, sometimes awkwardly forced jokes. It’s a movie that moves too fast and never lets you forget that it’s a superhero movie (so don’t even bother thinking the heroes may not be just fine).

Infinity War is not a typical Marvel film.

Right off the bat, I felt something different about it, and it was good. I could feel this movie shifting what the Marvel universe has laid out for us. It builds upon itself and grows, branching out to all the different Marvel characters’ worlds and ties them together for one purpose: save the universe from Thanos, who wants to cleanse it through genocide.

I loved the transitions between scenes. They were incredibly done. There was no switching back and forth randomly or quickly between characters. The transitions were done slowly and diligently, tying in everyone’s individual stories and letting their development continue while the plot moved along steadily.

There were only a few parts I didn’t care for. Thanos and his daughter’s scenes felt wishy washy and a little dragged out considering we could have been seeing more Marvel hero interactions. Also, last but not least, who could enjoy the draining emotionally, heart crushing, dream ruining scenes in the last 10 minutes or so of the film? Thanks a lot, Marvel. Thanks.

Overall, I gave this movie a 7.5 out of 10. I felt it could have had a better pace, deeper emotion, and a little more comic relief and drive. I did enjoy seeing everyone together with their differing personalities and have hopes that the next one will be even better!

Keep it real,


p.s. A word to the wise: do not get attached to anyone or anything.



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