I Feel Pretty (Released: April 20, 2018)

I Feel Pretty – Rate 4/10

This was my first film that I have officially seen with Amy Schumer in it, and, overall, she wasn’t half bad. Her character was relatable for many women who see themselves as someone they don’t want to be and struggle to fit the image of what society wants them to be. The theme of having more self-confidence and owning yourself is great. However, it can also become obnoxious and annoying.

The beginning of movie itself was hard to get into while Schumer’s character was developing and portraying her issues with body shame and the need to be “pretty.” It began to flow much better once her character had an accident which makes her think she is a beautiful model. This is the turning point at which the movie begins to pick up and a lot of comical scenes occur.

The real problem I had was that fact that Schumer’s character started to become annoying. Annoying in a way that made her seem to have a personality disorder and made me in the audience bored. Her character was clearly meant to perform like that, but there wasn’t enough emotion and flesh to balance out the story and make me feel invested. Schumer’s best friends definitely could have been more emotionally present in the story instead of just being in 3 or 4 scenes.

Overall, I found the story lacking, but it was semi-funny. I gave this a 4 out of 10 because the theme and constant vibe of having no confidence is relevant in today’s society, and I enjoy a few songs and shots filmed in the movie.

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