Love, Simon (Released: March 16, 2018)

Love, Simon – Rate 4.5/10

Love, Simon has received a lot of love from people of the LBGTQ community and has received the compliment of having a John Hughes touch to the film. I understand that coming out is a big moment for the individual and changes the dynamic in relationships with others. However, I felt that this movie did not reflect reality in the way it was presented. Everyone has a different story of coming out. From the dramatic end, being shunned, or the positive side where everyone is openingly accepting, this movie didn’t have that kind of depth to it.

Simon, the main character who is a closeted gay, had the perfect life, but once his secret was released it spun out of proportion which I felt wouldn’t have happened the way it was shown. I feel like in today’s society and people of my generation honestly don’t care about what you identify as. I could see this character having a lot of trouble in a small-town community with very conservative people around but that wasn’t the case. He lived with amazing parents, had best friends, a big high school where one would think no one would care or notice, but for some reason when the news he came out, it became an ordeal. His friends weren’t mad about him being gay per say but rather that he lied to them causing problems in their inner friendship.

After the shock, the movie shifted, and everyone apparently loved Simon again and now wants to know if the boy he has been communicating with will meet with him. This point in the movie copied the same scene of the movie “Never Been Kissed” when Drew Barrymore stood on the baseball mound giving her significant other a certain amount of time to come meet her. Besides this, there were scenes in this movie I did enjoy and related to such as having a good friendship with a tight group of friends, going out for coffee, basically living a normal life. Also, all the music played were all songs I listen to which I loved.

Overall though, I felt that in the beginning I had hope for the film, but I ended up getting bored as it lagged and had a lot of unnecessary scenes. Also, Simon wasn’t a typical gay man either. It seemed like he didn’t know anything about being gay besides the fact that he was romantically attracted to the opposite sex yet never showed it or experienced it. At least in a way that the audience could tell which could have been in the way he looked at another guy or even spoke about him, but it never was shown.I gave this movie a 4.5/10 because of the fact that the story didn’t captivate me and how the story dragged out longer than it should have.


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