Every Day (Released: February 23, 2018)

Every Day – Rate 2.5/10

This film was a mistake. As I went in to this movie knowing nothing but what the trailer showed, I thought this film was going to be somewhat interesting. Boy, was I wrong! I thought they could have told an amazing story, however, that is not what happened at all. The premise of this film depicts a girl who falls in love with a person who does not have a body but is instead a soul that wakes up in a different body each day. Instead of creating understanding or answering any real questions of this person (soul) who claims to be a male named “A”, they avoid it to spark the relationship and produce a complicated teen love story.

My theory is that they avoided answering questions or tying in conclusions because it would make the film more sci-fi than what the writer and director wanted, which was to resemble a rom-com. From the beginning to the end, I had more questions than answers and during the film I was in shock at how ridiculous and predictable every scene was. When trying to explain the film to other people, they have asked  “so the soul is the devil?” However, I cannot confirm or deny this question because the film did not explain much of A’s history.

Likewise, the girl who deals with this soul was nowhere near believable in her portrayal of the main character. Her acting was not up to par compared to the multiple people playing A. Also, her family was very questionable and their storyline was absolutely unnecessary. Her sister had no real role, as she was only seen driving and running her mouth. Her mom and dad’s story of being laid off and their divorce/adultery was not beneficial to the storyline. Her father’s story, painting faces for no identifiable reason, was especially peculiar and did not contribute to any kind of development. My thought was that he was drawing the faces of A or he had a “soul” come into his body but unfortunately that was not the case. The reason why I even gave this movie 2.5 out of 10 is because the films music was tolerable and the acting of the characters of A carried the plot and storyline. Other than that, the film was in the gutter.

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