Black Panther (Released: February 16, 2018)

Black Panther – Rate 7/10

*small spoiler alert*

Before going to Black Panther, I knew nothing but the hype in which the movie was creating. The buzz from the black community and the box office saying that this movie had made history was astonishing.  It is accredited for being the first film to have an all-black cast and stayed at number one for more than 4 weeks, going over a billion dollars. However, that was all I knew. I did not see the trailer before-hand, but I knew I had to see this movie as it is part of the Marvel Universe and I wanted to understand what the hype was all about.

My first thought after seeing it was that I might not have felt the whole effect as I am not a part of the black community that was so greatly represented through this film. I too would be excited to see a mixed family like myself on the big screen. BUT this is not about the statistics or the so-called hype, rather the entirety of the movie.

As this film is a part of the Marvel Universe, I felt it was one of the best on the spectrum of Marvel films. It proved very dramatic and serious with a few drops of comedy. The action to story ratio is better than the last few Marvel films (cough cough THOR) that have come out. The visual effects and technology used were perfect and very captivating. The plot, however, seemed like a messed-up Lion King involving an evil uncle and cousin, fighting for the throne, and trying to rule over the land (aka 4 tribes). This aspect lead to obvious predictions which then had to be made up by the acting to try to convince you otherwise. It was a well packed movie and I can’t wait to see how the Black Panther’s tribe share their culture/wealth to the world without it getting into the wrong hands or ruining their secluded world of Wakanda. Overall, I gave this move 7/10 because the storyline was predictable and slightly dragged out. Regardless, the special effects and acting from a few actors helped carry the film, with the addition of a great action to acting ratio. Furthermore, the music was not in my face or rememberable but was efficient and flowed well throughout. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!


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